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Find A Local Accountant helps you and your business locate the best professionals specializing in Accounting, Payroll, Tax and Financial Planning for your industry in your area.

In one click, search the AccountantsWorld Directory of Accounting Professionals with over 35,000 accountants, CPAs, and financial professionals, and locate the right accountant for your needs.

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Find A Local Accountant provides:
  1. Contact by phone or by email.
  2. Accountant's website.
  3. Directions to the accountant's office.
  4. Free consultations and service discounts that many accountants offer.
  5. Accountants who offer online Accounting and Payroll solutions.
Selecting the right Accountant is very important for a small business and spending extra time in this will pay for itself in leaps and bounds. Below are tips on finding a local accountant:
  1. Search AccountantsWorld's Directory of Accountants.
  2. Contact three accountants based on your requirements.
  3. Ask for 2 references, preferably in your industry and firm size. Don't skip this step!
  4. Besides tax and accounting, see if they offer payroll service. Having your accountant do payroll will save you money, get you real time advice, and provide a more personalized service.
  5. Visit the accountant's website and spend some time browsing it. Check for testimonials and other information relevant to you.
  6. Check if the accountant has a client portal for you. This will save you lots of time.
  7. Check for certifications such as CPAs, offering online accounting and/or payroll services and memberships in State Societies, AICPA and other professional organizations.
  8. Visit the accountant's office at least once.
  9. Interview your accountant and select the one you feel most comfortable working with.
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